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Slacker & Steve's Blog

The Littlest Things... The Biggest Fights!


The toilet seat…shredded cheese…using your turn signal…the remote…Sometimes the dumbest things can turn into the biggest fights!

Slacker's daughter loves the band ‘Fun’. So, he plays it for her all the time. His friend was telling a buddy that he and his daughter have ‘a song’ which is Drops of Jupiter’ by Train. Well the wife was standing close by and was like, “what’s our song?” and he was clueless! She went ballistic! Slacker never resets the microwave when he’s done cooking something. So he says! No one ever gives him the time to go back and reset it!…He has many other, but one of his recent "dumbest things"…he chose to watch a movie while he was in bed and picked out ‘That Thing You Do!’ His wife comes in and is like “Really? Don’t you remember how much I hate that movie? They play the song way too often!” Slacker explains that they have to because it wasn’t really a hit, but if you hear it enough it sticks. Slacker is one of those delayed gratification guys…Like eating the center of the hamburger last to enjoy all the fixin’s. Slacker is discovering that pickles can be the root of a lot of these issues.

Steve wants to know how hard is it to clear the timer on the microwave after you’re done…hit the clear button when you pull the food out? Steve is also very delusional about what type of movie Slacker and his wife would watch once they go to bed…He’s thinking porn, OH Yeah!

What dumb things have you fought with your significant other over?

I just got off the phone with my wife who is in rush hour traffic on her way to a school function with my daughter and she’s calling me for the fastest way to get through the mess of rush hour…I suggest an alternative route, she miss judges the exit and says that she’s super frustrated and hangs up! 10 minutes later, she text me and lets me know that she is there, no traffic and plenty of time. What she failed to mention was that before she called me, she got a message stating she had a huge deliverable due tomorrow and that is what clearly caused the frustration! AWESOME!!!!

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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07/26/2012 6:05PM
Biggest Fight...Littlest Thing
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