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The Gross Thing All Women Do

Guys don't get grossed out by much ... but there is one thing you do that really grosses him out – and you probably don't even realize you're doing it. Believe it or not, leaving your hair all over the bathroom seriously grosses him out. You know how it is, ladies. There is always hair stuck to the shower walls, and even after a good brushing your strands can get all over the sink and the floor. Maybe it's because he doesn't have long hair, but to a guy this is super gross and annoying!
Steve said hair in the tub or shower doesn’t really disgust him. People brushing their teeth or peeing in the shower really grosses Steve out. Slacker’s wife sticks her hair to the shower wall! He said it’s disgusting and drives him crazy.
What does your spouse do that absolutely disgusts you?

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08/28/2012 1:59AM
The Gross Thing All Women Do
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08/29/2012 5:20PM
i am a woman
i hate it when people leave their hair like that anywhere. its so disgusting! i have cleaned up after so many people in my bathroom, luckily soon i will be getting married and he is clean too. i just hate when things are not clean so much.
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