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The Four Most Important Words...


The Four Most Important Words to Say to Your Man Every Day

When you are in a long-term, committed relationship, it is assumed that you love each other. So, sure, it's important to say, "I love you."

But according to counseling experts, the four most important words you can say to your man, everyday, to keep your relationship happy, are: "How was your day?" 

90 percent of failing couples in counseling have stopped asking each other that ever important question. When you stop asking that simple question, it can seem like you don't care. And the most important thing in any relationship is nurturing the bond between you with listening, caring and empathizing. (Courtesy of Redbook)
Slacker never wants to re-live his day so he doesn’t really want to be asked that at all.  But he and his wife say other things to each other every day so they both know they care.  Aw, how cute.  Steve’s most serious relationship is with his car and it still makes his day every time he gets in it, so he’s just fine without the four words.

Do you ask your partner about their day?
In my last relationship, we asked each other every day how their day was.  Did you notice I said “last relationship”?  Yes, it was nice but it didn’t help all the other things that were wrong.  But I’ll keep it in mind for my future one!

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09/27/2012 6:28PM
The Four Most Important Words...
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09/28/2012 1:34PM
Need to know
So I never found out what 4 most important things to say were. Cansomeone tell
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