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The "H" Factor

Howie redeemed himself this week by bringing in Sadie. Everyone agrees she should quit Taco Bell and there were jokes about Howie becoming her manager.  Good job Howie-Sadie really nailed it.

Sadie sings Whitney Houston- I will always love you.

Sadie sings Lady Gaga-You and I.

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09/21/2012 9:55AM
The "H" Factor
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09/21/2012 10:33AM
Sadie was Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could not believe what i was hearing on the radio this morning. That girl has talent!!!! Way to go Howie for checking her out!!! Good Job!!!!
09/21/2012 11:54AM
Cool chic ~~~~
Fantastic !!!!
09/21/2012 11:57AM
and do The X Factor, American Idol, The Voice and/or etc.!!
09/21/2012 11:57AM
I listened to both songs this morning and I am just amazed. I got goosebumps listening this morning and listening to it same reaction. She is a Star.
09/21/2012 12:09PM
she is really good and needs to look into taking her singing farther
09/21/2012 12:46PM
Time to go Viral
Think it's time for Denver to make their start Viral... Post it everywhere! Amazing!!!
09/21/2012 12:47PM
East Coast
What a beautiful voice Sadie has been blessed with.
09/21/2012 12:54PM
Really !!!!!! Wow !!!!!!
Someone has to sign her!!!! That was redicilously amazing.
09/21/2012 1:31PM
Crazy a$$ talented
Seriously amazing....
09/21/2012 2:10PM
Great Story
105.9 needs to figure out how to help this girl out. She has talent. Let's try to help her out.
09/21/2012 3:03PM
I THOUGHT SHE DID A GREAT JOB! I think Lady Gaga song suites her way better though!
09/21/2012 4:51PM
LOVE the Lady Gaga song! She needs to get a manager!!!!
09/21/2012 5:57PM
WOW! WOW! just WOW! She's better than some artists that already have record contracts.
09/21/2012 10:03PM
Great voice!
09/22/2012 12:08AM
09/22/2012 11:37AM
Good find. Local talent, she's awesome!
09/22/2012 12:56PM
You Go Girl!!
Wow-she has an amazing voice and I'm glad she got discovered! She should definately quit taco bell lol she can co places with that amazing voice for sure!
09/23/2012 9:22AM
Rocked It
You've got a gift sistah... use it well! You're gonna go far!
09/24/2012 11:30AM
Keep It Going!!!
Make sure to keep this story going and keep us in the loop if she get's famous because she should get a chance that's for sure!!!!
09/24/2012 2:38PM
God gave you a talent girl and its not working at Taco are PHENOMENAL!!!!
09/24/2012 9:10PM
I Will Always Love You is a Dolly Parton song. She took it to #1 TWICE. Whitney covered the song.
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