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Terrible Texts


There's this list that's been going around that says all the bad things you shouldn't discuss via text message. You can see the list here

Slacker and Steve don't quite get this. They think there are some things that are way too big to do via text, but it depends! For instance, they would both break up via text and Slacker said he doesn't even see anything wrong with announcing a death in the family over text. What?! Steve admitted to drunk texting recently--another crime, according to the list--and they both undersand not sending out a text for the first pregnancy, but after that it's not as big of a deal so it should be ok!

I find this to be somewhat common sense. Everyone acts as if texting is as serious as having a conversation with someone face to face. It's not and we should all know that. It's the same thing with emails and phone just shouldn't say some things that way. I totally agree with the list because it nails 8 of the most serious things that you can talk about and the ninth is just a given--you shouldn't drunk-call anyone either because you never know what's going to come out of your mouth. I say if you're ever texting someone because you don't want to have to say whatever you're texting to their face, chances are shouldn't be texting it. 

What's the worst news you ever received via text message?

Until Next Time, xoxo--Intern Elizabeth

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11/09/2011 3:06PM
Terrible Texts
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