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Target 'Wh*re' Card: Offended?


There's a new card at Target for expectant mothers! The front says "heard you're pregnant" and the inside just says "wh*re." 

Steve's first reaction was to laugh when he heard what the card said, and Slacker agrees: that's what the card's intention is! However, it probably shouldn't be in a family store like Target. Also, you wouldn't give the card to a woman who got pregnant on accident! It's obviously meant for a certain situation and it's meant to be a joke.

I think it's hilarious! When I first heard what the card said I busted out laughing. I know a lot of women are going to get offended by this...but I don't think they should. It's funny, come on!

Are you offended?

Until Next Time, xoxo--Intern Elizabeth

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12/06/2011 4:06PM
Target "Wh*re" Card: Offended?
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12/06/2011 4:17PM
Wh*re card
HAHA love it, my sister inlaw is pregnant and i cant wait to go pick up this card for her!!
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