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We have all had that moment when someone we know shares a little bit more than we would have liked to have known.
Slacker has a situation happy to him very recently.  Last week he was at the home of a married couple that he's known very well for a long time. He happened to notice a stack of DVD's by the television and a box that looked familiar. "Quit looking at our porno's," the husband said. He said it looked like a copy of "Toy Story," hence the familiar box. He said, "It's not Toy Story." Then he looked more closely and saw the real title... "Toy Stuffers."....awkward. 

I'm not sure whether people think I'm a trusting person and a great listener, or if I just provoke conversation towards a certain direction, but I have heard my fair share of TMI stories.  And if you hear topics about people' life.  Let's just say I'd rather have the memory that I gave up back in my mind instead of having an unwanted image burned into my head.  Then the next time I see you or hear your name, that burned image comes right back up to the front of my brain. I'm remembering all those repressed thoughts again. Great.

Keep it classy,

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07/18/2012 5:23PM
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