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A 7 year old boy in Sweden had to be rescued by firefighters when he got stuck in a top-loading washing machine for two hours. He wanted to explore the inside and his hips got stuck inside. The firefighters had to dismantle the entire machine to get the boy out.
Slacker as a kid got his head stuck in between the railing on the stairs. He had to wait awhile till his mom got home and she buttered him out. He said his ears hurt for a long time.

When I was younger I spent a lot of time with my older cousins. They had a shorter basketball hoop in their backyard. Well one day I was probably getting on my older cousins nerves and he picked me up and put me in the basketball hoop. I was in there for a few minutes trying to figure out how to get out. I was afraid if I slide through I would get stuck so I pulled my legs up and jumped off. For a young that was pretty scary and high up. Now when I look at that hoop I just laugh because it is so short.

What crazy place did you get stuck?

With Love- Intern Sarah

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04/11/2012 5:32PM
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04/15/2012 6:31PM
The bear
My father and I were backpacking in the sierra mountains when I was 16. We ran into the park ranger earlier in the day and he told us that there had been a few bears roaming the area and said that our best bet, upon a bear encounter in te camp ground, was to hid in the outhouses. Needless to say, a bear came into our camp and we were forced to hide in the outhouses for 6 hours while he ripped all of our gear and food apart. Worst trip ever
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