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Stocked Up

It is a sad day when they stop making your favorite products and there is only one thing to do…stock up on as much as you can get your hands on!

So everybody has stocked up on something, but Slacker and Steve know a friend who is "anti-green" and buying all the incandescent light bulbs at Costco.  Years ago, when lighters were turning childproof, Steve stocked up on all the lighters that weren't.  Slacker loved Skinny potato chips a while back, but unfortunately for him, he didn't stock up.  He called the warehouse and was able to buy the rest (enough to last 8 months).

Fortunately for me, my favorite foods haven't been taken away from me yet (I'd sooner kill a man than let them take away my ice cream).  I'm usually good at trying new things so if my favorite foods do get taken away, I'd have no problem replacing them lat---wait, they got rid of Oreo O's??!!?!!?  Who decides these things? That's my childhood they discontinued!  Well at least I still have ice cream...

Have any of your favorite foods been discontinued? Tell us about it!

Keep it classy,

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06/27/2012 3:15PM
Stocked Up
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