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Stereotype Talk Tuesday

Today, we are embracing and breaking down stereotypes. No matter your race, religion, sexual orientation, whatever…If you want to discuss a stereotype that is who you are, we want you to open up and admit whether you fulfill the stereotype or you are the exact opposite of the stereotype.
Slacker says deep down stereotypes are not racists and stereotypes are more often than not, true. For example, he has a lot of gay friends and they usually have the stereotype with a womanly voice and that’s okay, but sometimes there’s that gay man that has a really strong manly voice and is really muscular. Our producer Dave, his best friend that’s black, has a picture of him holding watermelon on his phone. If anyone saw that, they would think Dave is a racist pig as Slacker would say but he’s not. Slacker is whiter than white and he lives in suburbia, but he hates ranch, so he broke a stereotype. Steve is half Hispanic and he hates the food and is not the best at landscaping. Slacker and Steve have a friend that is Jewish and his favorite thing to say is free bacon. He loves to make fun of his own stereotype.
In the media, there is a Burger King commercial with Mary J. Blige slinging about chicken strips. Everyone is in an uproar calling the commercial racist. Do you think it is?
Is there a stereotype you want to tackle?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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04/10/2012 3:22PM
Stereotype Talk Tuesday
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04/10/2012 4:00PM
Break down on Jamaican Stereotype.
my name is Diandra and i am from Jamaica and i do NOT smoke weed, dont have dreadlocks and i do not say yea mon.
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