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Stepping into Psycho

Are you about to bust your spouse? Slash the tires on your co-workers cars? Pregnant and unsure who the father is? Caught a cheater?

Slacker talked about going to the store with Steve and Steve couldn’t get the attention of a clerk to buy a certain computer. He takes a hold of the situation (psycho moment) by climbing on top of the stocking ladders and declared that he is trying to buy a computer at the top of his lungs. Clerks immediately flocked to his assistance.

What has made you go psycho ?

Intern Melinda
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01/11/2013 5:23PM
Stepping into Psycho
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01/13/2013 8:50PM
i know a physic
there was a student in armania and in school one day his gut told him to get out of the school and he did in the middle of the day and right after he came out his school was destroyed he was the only one who survived
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