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Steal From Your Kids


81% of Parents Admit to Stealing Their Kids’ Candy! Kids eat a lot of candy at Halloween. But do you know who else eats a lot of candy? Parents of children who get a lot of candy! According to a new survey by The National Confectioner’s Association, 81 percent of parents admit to stealing their kids’ Halloween candy. 46% of those thieving moms and dads wait until their child is asleep or out of the house before taking and eating the candy. The survey also found that parents are much more strict and limiting about their kids' candy consumption than they are about their own. Kids, if you are listening, guard your Halloween candy from your parents – they're stealing it and eating it!
Slacker thinks that the skim off the top of their candy collection from Halloween is a finder’s fee for all the stuff parents have to provide to make Halloween possible. Same goes for birthday parties. Slacker puts out lots of money for his kids birthday party and thinks that if his kid got a gift card as a gift he should be allowed to use it. If college fund is not already given, it should not be called stealing.

Steve thinks that it is wrong to take the candy from your kids on Halloween since they are the ones that worked hard to get it. You make the decision to be parents so you shouldn’t need a finder’s fee to make a day great for your kids. We teach our kids not to steal and lie and yet it is ok for us to do it.

What have you stolen from your kids? Or have your parents ever stolen from you?

I have two daughters and I almost never buy them accessories that I don’t like since I plan to wear them as well… They want, want, want but they don’t always use. So I make sure if they want it I should be able to use it if they don’t. I’d rather call it "sharing."


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10/30/2013 3:31PM
Steal From Your Kids
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