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Statute Of Limitations On Cheating

You will never believe this… But a 99 year old man is filing for divorce from his wife after he discovered she had an affair back in the 1940s!! The couple had been married for 77 years, had five children, 12 grandchildren and one great grandchild. You don’t think she just straight up told him out of guilt though, did you? Why would she? He actually discovered the affair after going through an old chest of drawers and found a stack of love letter between her and her Italian lover! I guess we can learn one lesson from this story… That there’s no statute of limitations on cheating… Right?
During the topic we got a call from a woman that preferred to be called, Candy. She told us that she is going through the same situation because she cheated on her now husband back when they first started dating. Slacker went on to describe how to describe her husband might feel if he was to find out. He said it was like a stack of bricks. You built this life together and with every experience you added a brick, but if he was to find out that when he thought you were his, and he was started to fall in love, and put down that first brick, that it was a complete lie? It would change everything. Slacker thinks ultimately if he was in this situation, he would stay and he thinks Candy’s husband would stay, but his world would feel turned upside down. That’s why Slacker told Candy she should never tell her husband. Do you think that was good advice?
Another woman called up and told us she found out her fiancé was cheating when they first met and he’s still talking to this girl and although she doesn’t want to marry him, she wants to give her parents grandchildren because they are sick. What do you do in that situation?
Even another woman called us and told us she has to tell her Aunt that her husband cheated with her. How does she do that? Should her Aunt leave her husband?
There’s all these scenario’s when it comes to cheating… So what is the statute of limitations when it comes to cheating?
I feel really sorry for the 99 year old man. To go through your whole life thinking it was completely happy and then one day you discover something and all those walls start caving in. It’s like the life you had was never really yours. Like Slacker said, the first brick was flawed and then the whole stack crumbles. Were you ever really happy? Was she ever really happy? How could I be so dumb? There are so many questions all because of this one betrayal. I guess I am on this man’s side and there is no statute of limitations when it comes to cheating.
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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01/04/2012 3:56PM
Statute Of Limitations On Cheating
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