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Status Symbols

According to a new survey, the ultimate status symbol for your home is…a hot tub. The top choice for women is a walk-in closet, while men want a stereo system with speakers in every room. Also on the list are a 3D TV…sound-activated lights and blinds…and a temperature-controlled wine cellar.
But if history is any guide, we'll be embarrassed by that choice in the future. In the 1990s, we thought beige carpets and breadmakers were the biggest status symbols. In the '80s we wanted a Commodore 64 computer…in the '70s it was a Betamax…and in the '60s it was an electric carving knife. 

Slacker said getting a breadmaker definitely was a big step up in life for him. Also, his electric carving knife is one of his most prized possessions. Steve said he knew he had made it when he got a black lacquer waterbed. For Producer Dave, it was when he got rid of his futon and bought a real couch.
What do you think the ultimate status symbol in the home is?

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08/29/2012 1:55PM
Status Symbols
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08/29/2012 6:38PM
Status Symbol Slacker Can Relate To
I was a welfare child, ended up a single parent. My status symbol was when I got to take my children back-to-school clothes shopping for the first time. Still lived in the same low-income neighborhood at the time. Worked my rear off to provide for my kids, unlike so many others on the block. I'm still proud of that moment. Thank you ~ S
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