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Stand Up and Fight or Wuss Out

Slacker and Steve have a friend that was put in a situation where they could either stand up and fight or wuss out:
"I found a parking space near the front door of the grocery store. I had my 3 year old daughter in the car with me. As I was pulling into the space a woman, who was standing there, began waving me off.  She was saving the parking spot for someone else.  Instead of pulling in and running her over I backed-up and found another parking space. Did I do the right thing?  You can't hold a parking space for someone else, right?"

Slacker has been in this situation before with his son at a ball game when a couple drunk guys cut infront of them in line to get food. Because his son was with him, he decided to not to make a scene about it and simply told his son why it was wrong.

Steve thinks that these friends wussed out. If it was him in that situation, he would have run the lady over because you can't hold parking spots.

Have you ever been in this situation with your kids in tow? If so, did you stand up and fight or did you wuss out??

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09/04/2012 3:25PM
Stand Up and Fight or Wuss Out
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