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In Des Moines, Washington, a 64 year old woman was accused of planning a wedding with a man she relentlessly stalked for more than a year. She ordered a wedding ring, reserved a Seattle courtroom, and the jewelry store called her victim asking him to pay for the ring she had selected and the courtroom called him to confirm the wedding, so before she could be wed, she was arrested for the second time charged with felony stalking. She met her victim in 2010 and proclaimed her undying love for him soon after but he wasn’t into her that way, so she began to mail him, phone him and follow him around and that’s when she decided they were going to be wed.
For Slacker the line of being a stalker seems to get a bit fuzzy. Lately he has been obsessed with Corey Rose on 9news. He knows he has to let that crush go for because it’s in his best interest… Especially for his health… She is dating an MMA Fighter…
Steve had a friend that was being stalked by a guy she went out with once or twice. She would come home from work and see that he had delivered her bags of groceries and left them on her front porch. She also noticed they were all her favorite foods. Creepy!
When have you been a stalker? Or were the victim of a stalker?
Ugh, I can’t believe I’m willing to admit this, but I’ve been called a stalker a time or two. Not like a legit go out of my way kind of stalker but the joking kind with your friends. I’m just a little excited when I see an artist I like or a football player I like, cough…Tim Tebow… cough…
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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03/13/2012 3:17PM
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