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Spouse Weight Gain

Yi! My situation has to do with my husband and his weight. We got married 2 years ago and he was at a healthy weight. Today, I'm sorry to say, he's put on about 40 to 50 pounds and every time I look at him, I get sick. He's let himself go and it’s putting a strain on our marriage. Lately I've been calling him some derogatory names like Fat A** and Lard A**. It doesn't seem to do anything to get him to the gym. I'm almost at the point of leaving. I love him, but the weight issue is ruining our marriage. Do you have any suggestions on how I can handle this in a better manner?
Thank you for your time...


Slacker and Steve think that she has a little bit of a point. She just wants her husband to be attractive to her again. She should have a right to be able to say that he needs to lose some weight. When people grow old together, they probably don't still think their spouse is really hot when they're 80. However, they built a whole life together and that's where that love comes from. She doesn't have that love yet so she wants him to be hot for just a few more years! 

Gosh I hate being mean. Candy, you're being rude. When you marry someone, it's for better or for worse and you should love them no matter what! I'm not saying you don't love your husband, but it kind of seems like it since you're saying you're considering leaving him because he put on some weight. Stop calling your husband names and talk to him calmly about how he's put on a little weight and you miss how he looked before. Being rude to him isn't going to inspire him at all're being rude to him! Reminisce about how you two used to be and let him know that it's important to you. 

What do you think Candy should do?

Until Next Time, xoxo--Intern Elizabeth

UPDATE: Slacker and Steve decided to be a little tricky with us today! "Candy" is really a guy that wrote in. They altered the OPP to be a woman so we could see if people reacted differently to it being a woman versus a man. Now what do you think? Are you more angry at "Candy" now that you know she's a he?

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11/09/2011 3:18PM
Spouse Weight Gain
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11/09/2011 5:58PM
From the other side
My now fiance used to do the same to me. At work he would point out other women and compare their bodies to mine. When I asked him to stop he would say it was my insecurities which was my own problem. I ended up leaving him for over a month during which time we talked and he realized that degrading me was NOT the best method of inspiration to lose weight but lose my affection instead. I returned and he began working out with me and we changed our whole diets TOGETHER. We are now getting married and are both happy and fit.
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