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Speed Therapy: Co-Workers Edition

We've been getting a lot of OPPs about co-workers, so we figured it’s time for some speed therapy!

Yi guys! I work with a gal who is getting a boob job on Friday and I'm irritated because she handed me a sign-up sheet requesting everyone in the office to stop by and bring her food and help around the house while she's recuperating.  Considering I have breast implants I know that she's milking the situation.

Yi! I have an annoying co-worker who, every month, sends out a group email seeking support of the latest and greatest fundraiser and I'm offended by that. I would be fine if his kid would actually come to the office and ask me, but I feel it's cheating for a parent to fundraise when the child is supposed to. I don't want to buy anything from him and wish he'd stop asking. The problem is, I'll feel cheap if I'm the only one in the room that doesn't open their wallet to help.

Sometimes it's easy to blur the line of co-worker and friend. Slacker and Steve both agree when it comes to personal issues, ask your friends and family, not your co-workers!  It's inappropriate! AND, if you don't want to help, then don't, but don't publicly lobby against them because it makes you look bad!

Do you have an issue with your co-worker? If so, what is it?

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09/25/2012 4:19PM
Speed Therapy: Co-Workers Edition
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