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Speed OPP

Today we did a little thing called Speed OPP, which means we did not just one OPP, but a few of them that probably wouldn’t have been big enough for a whole hour, but you needed some advice on.
For our first speed OPP, Candy gave us a call and told us she is going to be the maid of honor in her best friend’s wedding. Problem is her fiancé is very controlling. He wouldn’t even let them go brides’ maid dress shopping because he wasn’t invited to be there. They even have full on blow out fights right in front of her. In short, he is not the right guy for her and she doesn’t know what to do. Does she tell her best friend he’s not the guy for her?
One of Slacker’s biggest pet peeves is when couples will fight in front of others and like Slacker, I would have to agree. I have seen my older brother fight with his girlfriend while her two kids and I were in the back seat of the car. I felt embarrassed for them and it was over the most ridiculous fight ever. Needless to say, they are not together anymore, so my advice to Candy would be to tell her friend and let her open her eyes to it a little more. Then, it’s all in her hands and you tried. That’s all you can do and if she’s your best friend, she will understand your concerns.
In our second OPP, Melissa needed some advice. Her mother is in a relationship with a guy 40 years younger than her and 3 years younger than herself, which she finds a bit creepy. He’s a great guy for her mom and she appreciates all he’s done for her, but how does make the situation a little less awkward to deal with?
Slacker wouldn’t even be happy with his dad dating someone younger than him. It’s completely awkward, so he doesn’t have an answer.
Again, I am with Slacker. That’s so creepy and I have no idea how I would even start to deal with it. However, I say age is nothing but a number, so I would probably just try to treat him like a good friend and try not to think about him “being” with your mom.
Finally, we have our third OPP and it’s an email:
Dear Slacker and Steve, I was out Christmas shopping on Sunday when I spotted my co-worker's husband at Victoria's Secret. He didn't recognize me so I walked around him and watched him buy several sets of sexy lingerie that were two sizes smaller than what his wife would wear. I know the lingerie is not for her. Should I tell her about what I saw or not?"
Slacker pointed out that if this was a case in a court of law, all we would have here is circumstantial evidence. He could be out buying lingerie for one of his friend’s girls?
Slacker did have to ask Steve if he saw Glau shopping for jeans and noticed she was grabbing size 38 when he was a good few sizes smaller, if he would say something to him. Steve said he wouldn’t come barreling in screaming she was cheating and he wouldn’t not tell him, but he would say something like he bumped into his wife and noticed she was buying size 38 jeans.
Knowing myself, if I saw this happen, I would call one of my friends first, tell them what happened because I just had to get it off my chest and then text my co-worker and be like, um, did you know your man is at Victoria’s Secret buying lingerie two sizes too small for you? After that, it’s all in her hands.
Do you have any advice for any of these OPP’s?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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12/08/2011 4:56PM
Speed OPP
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