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Email…text messages…Facebook…all of them are the perfect place to find information someone has been hiding from you! Check out the story below.
The Bryan, Texas police recently arrested Rhonda Washington for stabbing her husband in the hand with a knife. She became upset after reading his Facebook page and assaulted him while he was trying to sleep. Washington claims she stabbed her husband with keys. She was charged with assault.

Slacker calls out Steve right away on snooping. Like no holds barred, and just lets him have it, kind of call out.  Steve says that creeping on Facebook doesn't count.   Steve is even busted by trying to read people's papers out on the open, even if they are not meant for him.  While Steve accuses Slacker of physically moving around things in their bosses office in order to find out information.  So what does it take to be considered snooping around?

In my opinion, both of these guys are guilty.  Yes, going all Mission Impossible (music optional) and sneaking into someone's office is snooping, but so is Facebook creeping.  Somehow that's become the socially accepting form of snooping (but snooping nonetheless).  You don't go up to a person and say you saw that they were interested in something.  Because if you bring it up and they throw you the "Creeper" face, it was something that you didn't need to know. BECAUSE THAT'S CONSIDERED SNOOPING, STEVE!

What was the dirt you dug up while snooping on someone?

Keep it Classy,
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07/25/2012 5:23PM
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