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Snoop on the Kids

Today’s OPP is from Tessa

Yi! I remarried in December and now live with my husband, two dogs and six tweens and teens. My husband and I are privately fighting over whether or not to snoop through our kids' rooms. I think it's ok and almost necessary in today's world. There are a lot of dangers in today’s world that we didn’t face as kids. He disagrees and thinks kids should make mistakes and then learn from them. I’d rather protect the kids before it’s too late. Who's right - me or him?
Slacker says his parents wouldn’t have had much to find if they snooped in his room. He thinks spying is more accepted now because life has become much more public due to social media.  He wonders if the parents want to search their social media accounts or just the items in their rooms. He thinks he’s hypocritical because he wouldn’t have wanted his parents to snoop in his room but wants to do so to his kids.

Steve thinks spying on kids is a good idea. However he’s glad his parents didn’t spy on him when he was younger. He doesn’t regret the things he did when he was younger, that his parents would have gotten mad at him for, had they spied on him. He thinks the parents are outnumbered in the situation but should still search the rooms.

Do you think they should search their kid’s rooms?

I think the kids have a right to their own privacy. Unless the parents are worried their kids are in life threatening danger there’s no need or reason to search the rooms

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02/28/2014 4:23PM
Snoop on the Kids
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