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While you're busy cramming all your liquids into one of those tiny zip baggies and wondering why toothpaste counts as a liquid, you won't believe what others are trying to slip past the eagle eyes of Transportation Security Agents in airports around the country! In August, the TSA issued a year-to-date report, listing the forbidden items it has confiscated in 2012 out of carry-on luggage after screening some 375 million travelers. Here's the breakdown:
821 firearms, of which 691 were loaded, which is an average of four guns a day
An explosively-viable cannonball
A live 40mm high explosive grenade
A bottle wrapped in black electrical tape and filled with flash powder
M-80 fireworks
A black powder flask filled with 5 ounces of black powder
A live blasting cap
A gassed-up chainsaw
Spear guns
Venomous snakes
Also, on Thursday, a 34-year-old former "Playboy" playmate was arrested for trying to smuggle her BOYFRIEND across the U.S. border.  Her boyfriend is Canadian . . . she was arrested in New York and could get up to 10 years in prison for harboring an illegal alien. 
Slacker said he used to smuggle stuff on every trip he made to Mexico or Brazil. He said a lot of stuff he can get cheap here is a coveted item there, so his wife’s family asked him to bring stuff down. He said he can’t count how many pairs of Nike shoes he brought to his family down there. Steve actually smuggled a joint into a buddy that was in jail! He rode his motorcycle up to the fence and tossed it into the corner of the jail yard! He said his friend was a god the 2 weeks he was in jail.
I've never been out of the country so I've never really had the opportunity to smuggle anything. Sad. I did, however, have a girl smuggle cigars and African art back for me when she went to Africa...I guess that makes me a smuggle enabler, right?

Have you ever smuggled something?

- Producer Dave
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08/21/2012 1:22AM
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