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Slacker's Son is a Bully


Slacker's worst nightmare as a parent has come true. His son is getting in trouble at school due to bullying. He has already talked to his son, but wants to know how else to handle the situation.

Slacker says he isn’t in a good place. He doesn’t mind if his son were being bullied, but given the choice being on the receiving end of it, then he would take the receiving end. He knows that sounds horrible, but every parent hates this. Everyone knows that Slacker is funny and his son is trying to follow in his footsteps. Apparently 2 other kids were being mean to another kid, but Noah, his son, was trying to be funny and tried making jokes at the kid who was being “bullied.” --which was not physical, but more verbal. He now doesn’t know how to handle this because he doesn’t want him to continue this in school.

Steve says that he was snarky and if we labeled it as something in today’s standards it would be labeled bullying. He regrets some of his comments and actions because he was doing it to be funny and sometimes out right mean. He regrets some of it.

What did you do when your kid bullied someone else?

I was bullied a lot throughout elementary and middle school, but my mother taught me to stick up for myself using physical violence. Now, I know what you’re thinking-- that is definitely not the way to handle it but ultimately, it was what stopped the girls from bullying me. One swift punch to the nose, and “leave me alone!” worked quit well. I was never bullied again.

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02/26/2014 3:16PM
Slacker's Son is a Bully
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02/26/2014 4:22PM
lead and not follow
I think the teaching moment here should be kept simple. When a group of kids is picking on another kid, try to stay out of it instead of joining in, even if the comment is viewed as minor. To the bullied child, all comments are going to seem aggressive, even if they werent meant that way. So talk to noah about staying out of other childrens fights. This is the world we live in now where everyone gets the blame.
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