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Slacker Is The Victim Of A Crime...


Slacker is afraid he is going to be perceived negatively about this, but Steve has his back one hundred percent. The other day Slacker was on the highway in a construction zone. In the construction zone, the lanes were going from two down to one, but in front of him side by side was two monster trucks hauling trailers going maybe 20mph. Cars were lining up behind him and they were all at their wits ends before one truck finally realized what was going on behind him and got behind the other truck. So, while there were still two lanes, Slacker floored it at 90mph past the two trucks and slid down into the one lane a quarter inch in front of the first truck to let them know how it feels. Well, as he was doing this, the cones were flying by and a mile up the road, a cop pulled him over. At that moment, he knew what he had done was not necessarily the smartest thing to do but he would own up to it. So, the cop approached his window and just lit up at him! He never asked for a license and registration though so when he left, Slacker thought…”Wait a minute…That wasn’t a cop!” And he was right. It was actually a rent-a-cop. So, even though he did something illegal and got reprimanded for it, he believes what the rent-a-cop did was worse. He impersonated an actual police officer. Do you think Slacker is right? Admitting fully that he did something wrong, was he still the victim of a crime?

Peace. Love - Stephanie

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09/24/2012 3:28PM
Slacker Is The Victim Of A Crime...
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