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3P) GMD: Move 25-Year-Old Back In
The most basic part of being a parent is keeping your kid alive...but the mom in today's Great Mate Debate says she is done taking care of one of her kids. And there's a chance you might agree with her! It's Great Mate Debate at 3!
4P) OPP: Boy Wants a Bridal Shower
You've heard of bridezillas...for today's OPP we might have a groomzilla on our hands! His bride doesn't want to take part in one tradition before getting married and he says she has to! Find out what it is and tell us if you agree with him at 4!
5P) Scammed
There is almost no worse feeling than finding out you've been scammed. They take advantage of you on vacation, over the phone, or even at your own front door! We want to hear how you were scammed at 5!
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