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This Month's Slacker and Steve Special at Isle Casino Hotel Blackhawk

Get this month’s Slacker and Steve Special at the Isle Casino Hotel Blackhawk! Just Text “ISLE” to 51059 and get the offer sent directly to your mobile device! 
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Slacker & Steve Topics of the Day

3P) GMD: Drunk Words
Some people say drunk words are really sober thoughts. That's what our Great Mate Debate is all of them said something while drunk and now they're saying they really didn't mean it. Find out what was said and tell them how you feel about it. It's Great Mate Debate at 3!
4P) OPP: Bachelor Party Cheater
The bachelor or bachelorette party is what you do to get all the crazies out before you tie the knot...Today's OPP will be going to a friend's bachelor party and discovered things might go a little too far. Hear what he discovered and tell him if you think he should do about it at 4!
5P) Mommy Mayhem
Moms are supposed to be the ones that set you straight and let you know when you're doing wrong...but they're are a few stories in the news of moms that kept the party going! If you have a mommy gone wild story, we want to hear it at 5!
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