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Slacker & Steve Topics of the Day

3P) GMD: Different Life Plans
If you knew something was guaranteed to break in the future, should you just get rid of it now or use it as long you possibly can? What if I told you we're talking about a relationship?!? That's what our Great Mate Debate is about. Hear the whole story and tell them what you think they should do at 3! 
4P) OPP: Planning for Kids at the Wedding
Planning for kids can be stressful on any relationship. The relationship of our OPP is already suffering because if kids and they're not even married yet. Find out why and give our OPP your advice at 4!
5P) Bad Babysitters
Watching kids can be a challenging experience! There are definitely babysitters that are good at their job...and then there are babysitters that suck at their job! Did they forget the kids somewhere? Light the house on fire? Pass out drunk? No matter what it was, tell us your bad babysitter stories at 5!
6P) Weird Collections
Some people are into some really strange a dude in Pennsylvania that has over 75,000 pieces of McDonald's memorabilia in his house! If you, or someone you know, has a weird collection, we want to hear about it at 6!
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Slacker & Steve Special

at the Isle Casino Hotel Black Hawk

Play where Slacker & Steve play and stay where they stay.  For $79.99 Sunday-Thursday
you can get an overnight stay and 2 buffets.  For Friday-Saturday it's just $99.99  All you need to do is text ISLE to 51059 for the Slacker & Steve special.  

***Slacker & Steve special is subject to change.  Restrictions may apply.  Please review all fine print prior to booking.
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