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3P) Super Glue
It's one of the most dangerous substances known to man. Is it Uranium 238? Nope. Cyanide or anthrax? Not at all! We're talking super glue! A dude recently had to go to the ER after his super glue accident. Tell us your best super glue stories at 3!
3:50P) Jared & Vanessa Update
Do you remember Jared & Vanessa? Jared was terrible at making small talk with women and Vanessa called in during his OPP and said she was the same way. Since then, they've really hit it off and started dating. Now, something has happened in their relationship and they want to tell us about it at 3.
4P) OPP: Put the Dog Down
When a family member is sick, you'll do anything in your power to get them healthy again...unless you're today's OPP. When you hear his letter, you may think he has a good reason to give up. Hear our OPP and tell us what you think about it at 4!
5P) Shouldn't Be Alive
By now you've probably heard some of the stories of passengers that were supposed to be on the tragic Malasyian airlines flight but switched last minute. It's crazy when things work like can only say one thing, "I shouldn't be alive." If you've cheated death tell us your story at 5!
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