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This Month's Slacker and Steve Special at Isle Casino Hotel Blackhawk

Get this month’s Slacker and Steve Special at the Isle Casino Hotel Blackhawk! Just Text “ISLE” to 51059 and get the offer sent directly to your mobile device! 
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Slacker & Steve Topics of the Day

3P) GMD: No Son at Christmas
The holidays are all about spending time with your family. What do you do if your spouse wants to exclude one specific family member from the celebrations? Tell us if you agree with it or if you think it's wrong. Great Mate Debate at 3!
4P) OPP: Sexy Massage
Today's OPP spent time with a naked woman that wasn't his wife...and now he's wondering if he has to tell his bride. When you hear who the woman was, you might say it's not a big deal. Hear his OPP and tell him what you think at 4!
5P) Cheapskates
We all like to save a penny or two where we can, but some people go to pretty extreme measures to save their money. Tell us about the biggest cheapskate you know at 5!
6P) Sitting on Santa's Lap
A woman in Australia is trying to put an end to one of the most popular Christmas traditions...and you won't believe her reasoning for it! We'll tell you what it is and we want to know what you think about it at 6!
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