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OPP: Speed Therapy


We get a lot of OPPs…and some of them aren’t quite big enough to take up a whole hour. Today we’ll tackle some of those and any little OPPs you may have! Here are a few to get us started:

Yi! My nephew is graduating high school at the beginning of June and I don't want to sound like a bad aunt, but I really don't want to give him money as a gift. As of right now he has no plans for the future – no higher education of any kind, no job prospects, not even volunteer work or an internship. If he had a goal that he was working towards, I would be fine with giving him cash or a check to help him in his endeavor – but that is not the case. I asked my brother what I should get him and he told me money. When I told him there was no way that was happening – he got offended. Is it wrong that I don't want to give my nephew cash for graduation? Should I suck it up and do it anyway? If I don't give him money what should I get him? Please help!
My boyfriend and I were having relations the other night. We we're on the couch and he reached over and grabbed a piece of pizza off the coffee table and took a bite! It totally grossed me out! Who eats during sex? Has anyone ever had someone eat while they were having relations with them and what did they say?
Yi S&S- I'm getting pretty overwhelmed with how popular I am these days, and by that I mean I'm up to my ears in party invites and I just can't take it anymore!  It seems everyone I know is either having a baby, getting married, has a kid who is graduating, or is trying to sell candles, or jewelry, or kitchen crap.  I'm not made of money and whenever I'm invited to a party that means I need to spend money I don't have to either buy a gift or order something that I don't want.  Is it horrible to want to decline every invite and just hide in my home for the next few months?
Yi! I have been seeing a guy that lives with his parents. I have my own place and he is over here about 4 nights a week because my place is close to his work. After we have relations he leaves to go back to his parents place. I told him that if we are going to have relations then he has to spend the night because I feel dirty when he "hits-it-and-quits-it". I told him from now on we will only have sex if he spends the night. Am I crazy for feeling "dirty"? Has anyone else had to do this with their man?

Do you have a little problem you need advice on? What is is it?

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05/17/2013 3:11PM
OPP: Speed Therapy
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