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They think they deserve the world... They demand that everyone fall at their feet... They expect to be treated like royalty... You know the kind. We're talking divas!
According to RADAR online, Nicki Minaj was consistently late to American Idol tapings pissing off the crew and contestants. She wouldn’t allow her picture to be taken with or without fans. Total diva.
Resse Witherspoon was recently arrested for disorderly conduct when she pulled the whole, “do you know who I am”, while her husband was being tested on his sobriety. Umm, Diva!  

Slacker never drops the “don’t you know who I am” because he knows they don’t. Slacker isn’t a diva, he’s a queen bee, because he has to be the queen of something or another; however, he won’t complain about it if it’s wrong, he’ll just stop talking to you.

How ridiculous is the diva you know?

I’m around a lot of young musicians on a day to day basis, but I have yet to meet one who’s an extreme diva with a capital D. I just found something to check of my bucket list, because I can’t go through my entire career and not deal with a diva; that’s unheard of in the music industry.    

Stay classy!
Intern Kirstyn
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04/24/2013 5:31PM
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