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Tattoo Regret

Hottie, and new dad, Jackson Rathbone – famous for his portrayal of Jasper in the Twilight movies, recently revealed his new tattoo – and it’s not only huge, but curious, to say the least. It’s a Heinz Ketchup bottle on his calf. He got it because he loves ketchup. 

 Slacker made mention of all the trendy tattoos that he’s sure people probably regret by now, like barbed wire, tribal, Chinese characters and so on. Slacker said that he never had anything that he really liked enough to actually put on him permanently. Neither of them have any tattoos though so don’t let them judge you too much.

What tattoos do you have that you regret?

The first one I ever got was ugly as all get out so I just got it covered up later but I still love all the other ones that I have.  I think that you shouldn’t get one if it doesn’t actually mean something to you so maybe that’s why I’m still happy about all of mine.
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11/29/2012 6:31PM
Tattoo Regret
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11/30/2012 4:18PM
Guy with a tramp stamp.
Yi! I am a gay man, a man nevertheless. I have a tramp stamp. I was 17 and with the encouragement my Mom and Cousin gave me, I was tagged with my first (and only) tattoo. I'm not sure what to do but, I really don't enjoy showing it to anyone. Here-13 years later-I stil have it. The ink is black and hard to cover that I'm older, I'm not sure I want to go through the pain to have it covered it, literally and figuratively speaking. Well, the tattoo is still there and I still ponder what to do.....ugh!
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