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OPP: Millionaire Looking For Love


Prince Charming…Who needs him? Today's OPP is from Jonathan...
Yi guys! I’m turning to you because I’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked thus far. Here’s the deal—I’m rich and I’m single. I don’t want to say exactly how rich, but I will say that I could easily buy a house anywhere in the world that I would like. I’ve worked very hard to acquire my wealth and I’m ready to have fun with it. I’m tired of trying dating websites…they’re full of fake women. Here’s what I’m looking for: I would like a woman 27-39, no children and I would like her to be at least 50 lbs overweight. I’ve found that overweight women are more level-headed and less likely to be superficial. Would it be possible for you to lend a hand in finding the perfect woman?

Thank you,


The guys find something intiging about this guy, so that's why they are going to try and help him out. The description of what the guys wants is what has drawn their interest.

They're not sure what to do for this guy. Are woman offended? Will woman want to date him? Is his premise of an over weight woman being more "real" about their true selves, or is he being a blow hard?

Steve says if he has the house, the clothes but just doesn't look like a million bucks, he needs to get out and make it happen.

Slacker thinks this guy just needs to learn how to close the sale.

One time, they saw a guy at a bar who actually put his finger through his key chain and started spinning it around like he was some smooth operator...

They think he might just be that guy! A True D-Bag!

What's your take on this guy?

I think he needs to date a few woman that interest him and figure out the type that suits him. He may find out what we already know... You can't be so pin point precise with what you want because once you get to know someone, then you develop feelings and make plans. Never judge a book by ity's cover. Good, Bad, Ugly, Georgous, Tall, Short, Skinny or Heavy...It's a two way street.

Peace, Love and Good Happines Stuff! - Ray the Intern

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09/28/2012 4:25PM
OPP: Millionaire Looking For Love
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09/28/2012 4:42PM
This could be the real thing
I was listening to this letter. I am a woman who has more than 50 lbs over my goal weight. I am always told if i only weight less i would be the best thing. I care about myself but dont put myself first like a "bun bun" girl. I like to help others before myself. I would like a chance to meet him. Finally a man who understands a gift of the real woman!!!!
09/29/2012 11:41PM
Some guys simply like fat chicks
Being fairly recently single, 50ish, and very overweight, I have come to find MANY men that like both fat chicks AND older women... I have studied many fetishes, and this is just another thats not openly discussed. I hope the man finds what hes looking for, and not just a fat chick gold digger.
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