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A near death experience…an unexpected situation…a pregnancy scare…

Producer Dave came up with this segment because they do other alliteration titles like “Bad Babysitter’s”…Slacker and Steve explicitly stated that they didn’t want another similar title, so Dave made it happen on the DL.

The guys aren’t talking about scary movies, camp fire stories. They want true gore that chills you to the core. Like false pregnancy tests, Steve’s car getting beat up by hail. Real Stuff!
Slacker’s brother once convinced him that his dad was being brutally murdered by some guy who came by their campsite and knocked on the RV. His brothers could see everything and Slacker could not see anything!

Steve doesn’t get scared at movies. The three times he’s been scared? The pregnancy scare!!!! Nothing compares. Slacker scary story is soothing to Steve compared to the pregnancy scare!

When was the last time you were absolutely terrified? 

I was directing a newscast at OCB and we got to the end of the first block of news and I lost my place, completely! Doesn’t seem like much, but I haven’t been so disoriented w/o a substance slowly contributing and allowing me to acclimate. I was not a fan and vowed from that point on that I would do my best to never let that happen again… Other than that? Watching my mom die from cancer when I was 25…totally, tragically, traumatically, titanically. terribly terrifying!
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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08/31/2012 5:31PM
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