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OPP: Stripper Mom


Today’s OPP Comes from Madisyn…

Yi guys! My son is in 2nd grade and some of his friends are not allowed to hang out with him anymore and it’s all because of me. I’m not sure how, but one of the parents at my son’s school found out that I am a dancer at a club. While I was picking my son up the other day, I heard him ask one of his friends if he wanted to come over to our house to play and the kid told him, “My mom said I’m not allowed to go to a stripper’s house.” I’m crushed! First, I don’t want this to hurt my son and mess up his chances at having friends. Second, I don’t let my son see that side of my life at all. It’s not like I have a pole in the living room. What do I do now?
First of all, she spells her name like an exotic dancer…Slacker and Steve have both dated exotic dancers.
Slacker dated an exotic dancer who was a mom. She’s a mom! There’s not going to be black lacquer furniture from the 80’s in every stripper’s living room! These women are doing what they can do to make ends meet. He suggests you do what you would normally do! Go to the mom’s house and meet her, talk to her about the kids wanting to play together and check out the situation for yourself. Don’t go by what some hen has spread throughout the school district. Slacker would let his kid hang out as long everything is cool. He would go see for himself if she’s cooking meth, doing blow or decorating all goth. Don’t punish the kid for the parent’s profession. That’s ridiculous. If you knew your kid was going to a house that is politically conservative and you are a liberal, does it make a difference? No! The difference is made when you see it first hand and make sure your child is safe. Normal method of operation is all that is needed here.
Steve has to pretend he had a kid. Would he let his kid hang out?

Slacker wanted to know if woman prefer to be called a stripper or an exotic dancer?

Steve says at first it would be exotic dancer. Then he said it didn’t matter!
What can she do to help her son lead a normal social life?

Of course you go over to meet the mom!!! No problem! I would never judge someone by their job or their appearance without having some small insight. Let your kid hang out with the kid, not the parent. To me, it’s as simple as that. Oh, one last thing…Communicate with your kid and see what’s going with him and how he wants to move forward. She could always make a plan to change her career if she feels ashamed and doesn’t want him to know what she does.

Piece, Love and Happy Endings... - Ray the Intern.

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08/31/2012 4:41PM
OPP: Stripper Mom
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08/31/2012 5:11PM
Judging the Dancer
Yi guys. I couldn't call, I was on the road, and at home, my phone gets shotty reception... It always saddens me when people are so judgmental. It really brings to the forefront their unhappiness. I honestly feel like, those who judge are terribly unhappy. So much so that they feel the need to pick themselves up by judging others. Certainly if they were doing the same thing, they wouldn't be judging right? Anyhow, the unhappiness could be lifted if people cared more about themselves... But, to address the issue, it is a shame at what some people are capable of. This other Mom did a whole lot of damage to a LITTLE BOY! I would likely enroll my child in a different school if possible. It's not his fault, and he should not have to pay the price. Starting over is bad enough. As for Madisyn, I give her a high five for supporting her kid with money she earns rather than money that comes from welfare. I am a former dancer, MY HOUSE IS THE NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSE!!!!! I have a pool, a trampoline, motor toys etc... I like being the neighborhood house where all of the kids hang out, that way I can keep my eye on them and help steer them in a positive direction, and since we do not do drugs, rarely drink, and our only guilty pleasure is watching Lisa Lampanelli (without the kids) I think my house is a safe, comfortable, and fun environment for my four kids. Who, by the way are not privvy to the information of my former job. Also, by the way, my oldest carries a 3.75, he is a state level swimmer, my middle a 4.8 yes, 4.8, he dives, and does not too bad being a top 10 finisher, my other middle a 4.0 he plays bass, and runs track, and well my baby she is only 2... Not too bad for some strippers kids!!!!
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