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Slacker & Steve's Blog

Silent Treatment


After a fight, there is only one way to let your spouse know just how mad you are at them…the silent treatment! We think the length of time depends on how monumental the mistake was.
Here is an example sent in from a listener…
"My wife and I are really good about keeping each other informed about our kids.  Our oldest son wanted to play football.  I didn't want him to but my wife signed his consent letter without conferring with me.  I was furious.  With all of the stories about concussions I don't want our son to have permanent damage from playing any sport. We had a nasty argument and I told her to "f*ck-off." She gave me the silent treatment for 36 hours.  After seeing how excited our son was I'm starting to come around.  I feel like I've mishandled this whole thing."
Slacker lives and dies by his ability to speak or talk. He loves to talk! He admits that this is the worst ammunition he will ever give Steve.
Steve – (Silent)
Slacker insists that his wife could take anything he owns, eats, drives or whatever. Just don’t give him the silent treatment! It will kill him for sure! Slacker had full on days of no talking. Except for the usual arrangements to pick up the kids or who fed the dog or whatever pertains to basic necessary communication for the household. The last time it happened he can’t remember why he got the silent treatment. He just knows he said something while they were both shmammered and it lasted for a grip.
Steve – (Silent)
Slacker said he can tell when Steve’s silent on purpose just mess with him. He has this blank look on his face. That in itself simply drives Slacker nuts…
Steve – “Ha-Ha!”
We want to know…How long did you refrain from speaking to them? What did your spouse do or say to earn the silent treatment?
I also love to talk a lot, but my problem is always that I’m boisterous, so if for any reason I were to get the silent treatment, I’ll just go elsewhere to talk. It has happened and I’m sure that I will do something to encourage it again!
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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08/30/2012 4:31PM
Silent Treatment
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