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GMD: 'Til Death Do Us Part


A marriage seems to be hanging in the balance over 5 little words…he needs to hear them and she won’t say them. Aaron and Sarah are getting married. In their vows, Sarah wants to leave the line “’til death do us part” out. Aaron insists on being more traditional by keeping those 5 little words in the ceremony.
Sarah doesn’t think it’s an important phrase to say in front of the world and everybody, according to Aaron. He thinks it gives her an exit strategy. He wonders why she would go into this with that in mind. It’s driving him nuts!
Sarah says she’s not going to say something that’s not realistic. She feels like they are going in to this with the commitment to each other. She points out that over 50% of marriages end in divorce so not to say it is more realistic.
They are writing their own vows and it’s not included in hers.
Slacker wants to know if Sarah believes she will be with Aaron “’til death do us part”…Slacker reminds Aaron that there are other traditional phrases like “do you agree to honor and obey”… Aaron says he would want that in there too. Sarah is astonished and sounds pretty upset. That would create a whole new Great Mate Debate! Slacker then realizes he started a new argument and is trying to strike his statement from the record.

Sarah and Aaron won’t let Slacker and Steve get a word in edgewise…
Slacker feels that when you write your own vows, it’s sounds so much more sincere and people are listening as opposed to the couple sounding like robots and everybody is bored 'TIL DEATH!!!
Is it antiquated to want certain traditional phrases included and others removed from custom wedding vows?
Whose side are you on?
We wrote our own vows the when I got married and it feels more comfortable than things you don’t stand for or enev remotely believe in. Traditional is typically interpreted and adapted to the current times. You think the Bible was written as we read it today? Not that I've read it recently, but you get my point...Please!
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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08/30/2012 3:26PM
GMD: 'Til Death Do Us Part
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