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Happy For An Ex


Are you really ever happy for an ex and their accomplishments? 2 of Steve’s ex-girlfriends have flourished since the breakup…and he can’t find it in his heart to be happy for them! Did your ex blossom and grow after you broke up with them?  Did they become successful without you?

Every single person that has ever been with Steve suddenly has the albatross lifted off their shoulders and has ascended to the heaven’s…or at least become more successful. Steve claims that he is simply the catalyst for their greatness. Sometimes, he claims to root for them and wants to see them do better. He’s not wishing for greatness, which has been the case the majority of the time, just better. Other times, he breaks up with someone and the ex instantly falls into a phenomenal career that seems to come out of nowhere!

Slacker believes that being in a relationship with Steve can make it hard for a person to achieve their basic human needs let alone their potential. That belief alone leads him to question how successful the show would be if he was free of Steve. He realizes he would be a different kind of miserable, not any better off! As for any of his ex’s, he wants one in particular to soar to unbelievable heights! What about the rest? He doesn’t necessarily want them to fail, but stay the same or go down a little. In no way shape or form does he want the rest of the ex’s to be better off without him.
Can you root for an ex? Can you be happy for them? 
I think we all have one ex that really tugged on the heart strings. They hurt you like no other human has. I have a “previous life experience” that I wish would never see the light of day. Caustic relationships have a tendency to end in disaster. That’s why we label them as caustic, right? What about the rest of my ex’s? Go for it ladies! Straight to the top is where you should be headed. If it wasn’t for you and the learning experience I gained from the friendship, I wouldn’t be the man I am today. Thank you.

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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05/31/2012 7:01PM
Happy For An Ex
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