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Single Mom Tip


A mom allegedly went into a restaurant and tipped nothing on a $138 bill…but she apologized and said it was because she is a single mom and couldn’t afford it!

Both Slacker and steve say this...

Don't go out to eat if you can't afford to tip. It's difficcult being a single mom or whatever, but she was waited on and they need to survive as well. The server might be a single parent as well.

Here's another scenario...You go out to eat with a group and one person picks up the tip. That person also happens to be the one who is complaining about the service. We have all been there. A flighty waiter/waitress. Once he/she covers the check, they stiff the server. You circle back around sayiny you have to use the restroom or whateve and see if the tip was handled properly. Sometimes you get caught, but it's worth it.

Working for a corporation, the second scenario happens to the guys all the time. One time they both circled back around with out the other one knowing it. Double tippers! The server was ecstatic! Soemtimes that happens as well. Good karma...

What do you think about her actions?
Since she put it on a card, she has no reason not to tip. If she paid in cash, then she should've paid better attention to her tab...I know a few people that are horrible tippers. Tiger Woods is rumored to be awful at gratuity as well. In a group, I almost always get a seperate check. Control your destiny and help people out when at all possible...
Peace, Love and Good happiness Stuff! - Ray the Intern

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11/05/2012 6:22PM
Single Mom Tip
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11/06/2012 4:32PM
Single mom stiffs server.
How can she afford $138.00? I think this was a crock and bull excuse. I couldn't afford $138.00 to go out. When I do I always tip 20% as long as person was doing their job.
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