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Simple Pleasures

Slacker and Steve don’t know how this topic of conversation came about but when Slacker was discussing shaving his head with a razor, Steve and Producer Dave had to mention the joy they have ejecting an old razor and attaching a new one. In Dave’s words, “It’s locked and loaded.”
Slacker started to think what gives him such a simple pleasure… And he discovered it involves toothpicks! Lately, with football, he’s been making something called Rumaki. So, he grabs some water chestnuts, some bacon and goes to grab some toothpicks. Well, he doesn’t want to just stick his hand into the toothpicks and get bacon grease all over them, so he does a little pinch then tosses them on the counter, not counting them what-so-ever. Well, everyone once in a while, when he goes to grab for that last water chestnut wrapped in bacon, he will see that “Lone toothpick going, hey buddy I’m the last one. You guessed right,” and he will just fill with joy!
Just the other day, to add another simple pleasure for Dave, is when he went to the gas station and as soon as it clicked telling him his car was done filling, he noticed the price and it was $33.00 even! When does that ever happen?
For me in life, it’s all about the little things or the simple pleasures. I love the simple pleasure of good timing like when you know you are cooking something in the oven and you’ve kind of judged when the buzzer is going to go off so you start to go down the stairs and miraculously you judged right! It’s so perfect!
What is your simple pleasure?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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01/19/2012 6:33PM
Simple Pleasures
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