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Silly Superstitions

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th!  You know what that means…Superstitions are going to be running wild!
Slacker says he follows certain superstitions like don’t walk under a ladder and don’t open an umbrella in doors, but he has no idea where they came from or what happens if you do them. Steve just thinks he’s crazy and follows about zero superstitions!
What silly superstitions do you have?
The only thing I can think of that I do is throwing salt over my shoulder if I spill it.  But then I never remember which shoulder I’m supposed to throw it over so I’m not sure if I’m even doing it right. Haha!
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07/12/2012 6:38PM
Silly Superstitions
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07/12/2012 10:40PM
Theater superstitions
1: no wisiling in the theater 2: u can't say Macbeth 3: you must leave a gost light on 4: don't open an umbrella on stage 5: don't say " good luck" say brake a leg
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