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Silent Treatment

If you've ever been in a relationship, chances are you've either given or received the silent treatment at some point. The only thing that's different is how long you got it for. Slacker and Steve want to guess how long it lasted!
Slacker and Steve are like peanut butter and jelly. Aw! The silent treatment can be the most harmful thing you can do to a relationship. Slacker has a friend who had his relatives in town and his girlfriend’s relatives were coming into town for a big dinner, but around the same time, a bunch of his college friends were also coming to town. He was going to golf in the morning with his friends and he said he’d be back in time for dinner, promised! He and all the dudes got hammered, after he went to his apartment to get changed, passed out on the bed, and was woken up by the girlfriend’s sister to let him know he missed the entire dinner. Now Slacker adds that the dinner was his own rehearsal dinner! Now he wants Steve and Lil D to guess how long she went with the silent treatment. She ended up not talking to him until 30 minutes AFTER the wedding was supposed to start and after he apologized to the whole family.
Steve agrees because you should be communicating. He says he got the silent treatment for at least 3-4 days. Steve’s second guess is maximum five days tops! He’s shocked that he still married her!?
Lil D says if it’s anything longer than five days, she’s ridiculous. Does “I do” count as part of the silent treatment?
What relationship crime have you committed?
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08/25/2014 3:48PM
Silent Treatment
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