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Should Wearing Pajamas In Public Be Illegal?

A guy in Kelseyville, Louisiana is trying to make wearing pajamas in public illegal. Slacker is kind of with this guy. He was just at Wal-Mart the other day stopping in around lunch time and he noticed women wearing full on flannel pajamas. It’s not okay! Steve thinks it’s just like wearing sweat pants.
Does it bother you when people wear pajamas out in public?
I don’t like to wear pajamas, but I love wearing sweat pants and yes, I will wear them out in public all the time. Sometimes, I just have days where I want to be more comfortable. It’s no big deal to me. I’ll even wear slippers out in public. I hope this guy loses his battle. Wearing pajamas in public should not be illegal.
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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01/18/2012 4:11PM
Should Wearing Pajamas In Public Be Illegal?
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01/23/2012 12:10PM
Yes Pajamas in Public should be illegal
Yes I believe it should. I mean sweatpants/ yoga pants are a different story but pj is just laziness and I mean come on people if you want to go to the store do it before you want to go home and relax. Its not that hard to change your pants. I think if you wear pj's into a store its said. To me it shows you don't care and that your lazy.
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