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Should He Stay Grounded On Halloween?

We received a call from a woman that unfortunately did not want to go on the air but she was willing to let us share her dilemma on the air. She and her husband grounded their son for lying and although he has about a week left to be grounded, she thinks he should be allowed to go out trick or treating tonight with his friends and his sister. Her husband thinks he should remain grounded so he can learn his lesson.
Like the father, Steve says he should stay grounded and Slacker is leaning towards his side on this. Although they feel like the rules would change when it comes to Christmas, if you get in trouble over Halloween, you have to deal with the consequences.
Steve thinks the problem with all parents is that they cave and let their children out of their punishment, but they need to remain strong and consistent. Slacker says, what if going out on Halloween night meant adding another week onto the grounding? Would that be better or is it still caving? Steve says that’s better but it’s still caving.
Knowing myself, I would cave. I would let my child go trick or treating, but in reality he should remain grounded like Slacker and Steve said. In the end, it will definitely teach the child the lesson he needed to be taught in the first place.
What do you think? Is the dad right or is the mom?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

Ps. Happy Halloween!! Be Safe! Have fun!

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10/31/2011 6:26PM
Should He Stay Grounded On Halloween?
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