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Shoplifting: Law And Disorder


Here are 15 of the most-frequently shoplifted items in the United States:

Cigarettes, Energy drinks, High-end liquor, Infant formula, Allergy medicine, Diabetes testing strips, Pain relievers, Weight loss pills, Electric toothbrushes and replacement heads, Lotions and creams, Pregnancy tests, Denim jeans, Designer clothing, Handbags and Cell Phones

Steve had a friend that used to steal diabetes test strips because health care plans didn’t used to cover the cost. He wouldn’t give Slacker the name of the guy, but Steve used to steal his sterile syringes and fill them Vodka to inject fruit or whatever.

Slacker swiped pregnancy tests when his wife was trying to get pregnant from a pharmacy because when they bought the cheap kind, the strips would show up as a false positive…When Slacker used to work at a CD store, some guy tried to steal a Tiffany CD! He had a white t-shirt on and Slacker was like either the guy had a Tiffany tattoo or he’s trying to swipe something.

Dave the Producer has gotten away with shoplifting an adult magazine. So he thought! He was at a
convenience store as a 7th grader and they were going to buy candy while they were waiting for their parents. They saw the adult magazines in the magazine stand. Being 13-14 old boys, they knew someone had to walk out with one of them. He was the “new guy” and he figured he would do it! Dave slides the magazine into his pants and straightens his blue Starter jacket. He figured he better buy something so he wouldn’t look suspicious! As he is checking out, the cashier makes a comment to another cashier about a kid in line with a blue jacket has something. Dave freaks out and freezes! Well, two people in front of him, another kid has a blue jacket and the cashier grabs him instead! Dave instantly bails out of the store! Once he gets outside and over to his friends the tables turn…Turns out it was only the lingerie edition of an adult magazine!   

Have you ever shoplifted? Did you get caught or get away clean?

When I was a kid, I started swiping little toys from a store. Then, I figured I would go a little bigger…I tried stuffing a police kit down my pants. It had the toy badge, cuffs, keys and whatever else a cop needs. As I was walking out of the store the manager busted me! It broke my Mom’s heart. She thought I always had everything I needed or wanted. When I look back on it, there were plenty of reasons for my actions. I was testing boundaries, in my opinion. As an adult in my previous career, I was constantly taking tape measures from the home improvement stores. I would measure something in the store to verify the numbers I had written down. I never intended to steal them! I would just clip it on my pants and forget about it. If you ask anyone who used to work with me, they wouldn’t believe it. I used to borrow tools from everybody I worked with. I hated wearing a tool belt! Honestly, I never got out of the parking lot without realizing I had taken the tape measures and I usually would take them back and leave them on a shelf somewhere anonymously.
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern
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06/18/2012 5:48PM
Shoplifting: Law And Disorder
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