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The Rochester, Minnesota police recently arrested Shonna Booker for shoplifting and for macing a loss prevention officer. She was holiday shopping at J.C .Penney when the officer confronted her about the stolen items. Booker maced him before an officer arrested her and charged her with disorderly conduct, theft, obstruction of justice and unlawful use of a dangerous weapon.

Slacker this is the time of year that it is really prevalent I think that 15% of people that do it is cause of need. The other 80% do it for the thrill or cause they want it and can’t afford it. A man cased the music store that slacker worked at but didn’t realize slacker was an employee and he shoved a tiffany CD down his pants. He was caught and was unable to join the military because of it! Slacker loved chasing people out of the store. All you have to do is throw something at them and at full momentum they would fall to the ground and bust their face. There are secret shoppers and they are watching you.

Steve says that if you get away with it you’ve got to respect it. Steve has stolen everything but cars. He would run scams with friends. Just pushing the limits to see how far they could get.  Now it wouldn’t be worth it because of all the cameras. You’d get caught and they just did it for the thrill. Steve even gave stolen jewelry to his mom. Slacker said he has given stolen stuff to girls but could not give it to his mom.

Have you ever done it? What is your shoplifting story?

I have totally done it by mistake you know walked out with sunglasses on my head or bottled water on the bottom of the shopping cart! On purpose? Not from a store. I did recently lift a liquor bottle and a few beers from some guys at a street event they never even noticed.

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12/05/2013 6:36PM
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