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Shaved Head Punishment

Slacker and Steve have a friend that had to follow through on a punishment for his four year old child.  His son was getting in trouble at school (minor things) and he and his wife came up with a punishment, if their son kept getting in trouble. Their son really likes his hair so they told him that they would shave his head if he messed up again. Well he got two chances and they decided to follow through and shave his head. They boy was so upset crying that no one will like him or want to play with him. It hurt the parents to do it but they had to follow throw with their punishment.
Slacker thinks that this can be emotional abuse. He thinks the kid is really scarred from this because the kid thought no one would like him and have no friends. Steve doesn’t think it is abuse. He says parents need to remove emotion when taking things away from your kids. Steve thinks not letting your kid eat is abuse not this.
Producer Dave is in a similar situation. His younger sister has not been doing good in school and so Dave threatened that if she didn’t get her act together by the 20th of April he would pack up her up move her in with him and change schools. Well the 20th is almost here and she still has bad grades. Dave’s wife is unhappy with this because he didn’t talk to her first and she is going to be home with the sister more, not Dave. Dave doesn’t know if he should follow through with his punishment or put stress on his marriage.
I think the punishment was fine. His hair will grow back quick, and I think it was important that they followed through with their punishment. I think the punishment depends on the kid. If it was a girl I think it would be different. I think it depends on the situation. In Dave’s situation I don’t know what I would do. Maybe he should talk to his wife and see if they can find a solution that can work for them to punish his sister.
Do you think shaving the boys head is emotional abuse? Do you think Dave should follow through on his threat to his sister even though it could cause problems in his marriage?
With Love- Intern Sarah

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04/18/2012 4:13PM
Shaved Head Punishment
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04/18/2012 6:10PM
not a problem
Hey, a punishment has to be either something dreadful or the loss of something precious. If you as a parent threaten a punishment, then you have to follow through or your kid will always fight you. I don't see this as abuse at all. kids need to learn boundaries early on. As long as they praise the good things he does, as well, he won't even remember this in a year. Ryan
04/21/2012 5:10PM
Shaved head punishment
My mom locked me in my room only giving me sanwiches under the door for a hole day once this is nothing compared to that
01/17/2016 4:16AM
Shaved head punishment
My nephews head was shaved because of his grades (2 months after he was warned because the stepfather forgot to do it at the time). His self esteem was already bad and now his acne shows. He wears a hoody and will not look at anyone. He is 12 and lost his mother 2 years ago. The stepfather has no clue how to be a parent and does everything he can to humiliate him. I believe taking away a privilege is more in line with grades....not humiliation. Try to find out why he is having problems...the boy is still grieving the lost of his mother.
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