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Server Scams


A waitress was tipped $6,000 because she told a man that she couldn't afford her tuition any more. He wrote her a check and went on his way, but come to find out that she was lying the entire time! He wrote her two separate checks and was so moved by her life story that he looked her up at Florida Gulf Coast University. She was never enrolled there! He cancelled the checks and never talked to the girl again.

Slacker says that this must happen a lot. He gets Chili’s To-Go a lot. Every time he goes in there the bartender compliments his jacket and he says it is the trashiest jacket he has ever worn. He says it bothers him because every single time he goes in there, she does it.

Steve said that he was at Red Lobster and the man complimented his jacket, and then he heard him compliment the other people on the other side of the bar. It is totally a tactic to get more of a tip. He knows a girl that adds stuff to people’s bill when they’re drinking so that the total is higher and she gets bigger tip.

What server scam have you committed to get a bigger tip?

I told a table that the reason I lost my voice is because I was at the Special Olympics, but I was really at a concert. I got a nice tip after that… I know what you’re thinking, what a scum bag. But you know what servers put up with a lot from people and work hard for their money. I haven’t done it since, but I will never forget how awful I felt after.

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02/24/2014 3:22PM
Server Scams
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