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Said To Get Into Bed

Apparently, it’s not just a human characteristic to fool someone into have relations, but a rather a devious one by a male nursery spider. A research named Maria Jose Albo of Denmark's Aarhus University recently discovered that the male nursery spider will obtain sex by making valuable “gifts” and giving them to the female. Most of the time the gift is a high-nutrition insect wrapped in silk, but other times if an insect is hard to come by, it will have no problem with creating a fake gift by using a wrapped flower. Before she can even figure out it’s a fake gift, he most likely already mounted her. That’s not the worst thing this spider has ever done to dupe a woman. The male spider will actually play dead just enough to make the female relax her guard and approach him so he can jump from behind for relations. Wow!!
When Slacker and Steve were at the tavern one time this guy’s “fly in a web” was his BMW keys. He would put them on his middle finger whenever he ordered a drink. “Take me now you stud, oh baby, oh baby.”
I’m going to count my lucky stars because I’ve never been fooled… Crossing fingers… but have you ever been fooled into having relations with someone?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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01/11/2012 6:18PM
Said To Get Into Bed
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