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Roommates From Hell


Living with a roommate can be a fun and amazing experience. You can get along with your roommate, and become great friends. Or you could end up living with Satan’s Spawn and be living in a nightmare.
Slacker regrets having the bottom bunk bed in college because his roommates always had relations on his bed. He thought it was a good idea at the time not having to climb up the bunk, but now regrets it. His friend had a roommate who was always considerate, and respectful, until one night he had relations on his bed after drinking his booze. His friend made him move out after that night.
Steve thinks that having relations in a roommates bed is the quickest way to get them to move out. He thinks it’s obvious that you shouldn’t choose the bottom bunk in college if you don’t want your roommate using it for other reasons. It may seem like a smart idea not having to climb up the bunk at night but in the end it will be worth it.
What’s your story of the roommate from hell?
The only roommates I’ve ever had have been my two older twin brothers. The worst things they’ve done are left the toilet seat up and forgotten to flush. Thankfully that’s the worst roommate situation I’ve had and hopefully I won’t have any more.

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02/27/2014 5:36PM
Roommates From Hell
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