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Roommate Horrors


We’re just a couple of weeks away from text books, new classes, dorms…and new roommates!

There was a post recently listing the 10 commandments for being a roommate.
  1. Thou shall not borrow a roommates possession w/o asking first.
  2. Thou shall not pig out on another roommates food.
  3. Thou shall not turn the bathroom into a public restroom.
  4. Thou shall not leave passive aggressive notes.
  5. Thou shall not being an obsessive shower taker.
  6. Thou shall take out the trash.
  7. Thou shall not have friends over unannounced.
  8. Thou shall listen to movies on their computer with earphones.
  9. Thou shall not make a racket while the others are sleeping.
  10. Thou shall not openly dislike your roommates significant other.
Steve reminds Slacker that he was asked to leave college. Not by his roommates, by CU!

Slacker was in a ‘Quad’ in college. They had to share a bathroom between 4 guys. There was total hodge-podge of dudes in that room for sure. Slacker wants to know why the male swimmers in the Olympics don’t have big red welts on their bodies, because his 3 roommates were religious swimmers and they could make a rat tale out of a towel and draw blood. He also played his guitar soooooo much in college that 9 news came out and did a story on him. The best part? They used his playing as a music bed throughout the story.

Slacker admits that he quit before they could ask him to leave. Slacker and Steve could never live together. Steve likes his stuff to be just so…Slacker thinks Steve would run around in underwear and socks like ‘Risky Business’.

Steve would start doing exactly that if they lived together!

What awful things happened between you and a roommate?
Never went to college…
I had plenty of unemployed roommates! Funny how they always had their act together and then as soon as the lease is signed, their whole world fell apart…My latest roommates now absolutely rock!
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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08/09/2012 5:30PM
Roommate Horrors
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