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Romance Gone Awry

Let’s face it; sometimes when men think they are romantic they ultimately fail! Here’s a list of some of the things men think are romantic but aren’t.
Guys, when it comes to romantic gestures, it's always better to go with your gut and what you know your girl likes rather than what you think is romantic based on your friends' suggestions and pop culture. The fact is, what you see in movies and what your friends told you in 6th grade probably aren't the things that make your girlfriend's heart pitter-patter the way you hope.
Here are some of the most common things guys think are super romantic, but really aren't:
• Cheesy heart-shaped jewelry: There can be some beautiful heart-shaped jewelry, but what every man needs to remember is just because something is in the shape of a heart doesn't automatically make it romantic. If it's a replica of the antique heart locket that her grandmother always wore – that's romantic! If it holds no special meaning but you are getting it simply because it's a heart and she's your girl ... not so much!
• Teddy bears: The only time this is romantic is if you win it for her at the boardwalk for a dollar. Other than that, your adult girlfriend probably doesn't want a stuffed animal as a romantic gift. If she really loves stuffed animals, that's a different story, but if the only other stuffed animals she owns is her favorite bear she had from childhood, she probably doesn't want any others.
• Fighting over you: Getting in a fist fight with a guy who got handsy at a bar is not hot, despite what movies tell you. Handling the situation like an adult is super sexy and romantic, however.
• Cooking dinner when you can't cook and making her suffer through something gross: If you want to do a romantic dinner but you can't cook, order out from her favorite restaurant and put everything in nice plates with candles. That's romantic. Trying to choke down raw filet mignon is not.
• Tickle fights: You know who hates being tickled? People who are really ticklish! Just because she is laughing doesn't mean she is enjoying herself. It's probably the exact opposite. Again, don't believe everything you see in the movies.
Slacker says he never thought of these as being romantic, except cooking because that can end up being nice! He said that a girlfriend cooked for him once and she cooked up everything that he despised! Slacker says that he excused himself from the table multiple times that night. He also said he has bought a girl a heart shaped promise ring. He says that being tickled is one of the most miserable things ever! Slacker doesn’t understand why you would want to have a tickle fight.
Steve said he hasn’t done any of these things.
What is your most romantic fail?

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08/06/2014 5:18PM
Romance Gone Awry
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08/06/2014 5:37PM
Bad Suggestion
My mom found me this guy to go out on a date with and kept pushing the issue. I finally gave in and said sure. So he called me and asked me out to dinner and what I liked I said chinese. So then he takes me to this Thai restaurant that he says is amazing. I've never had Thai food so I asked him what's good and he suggested this lemongrass noodle plate. I couldn't eat it it was so horrible. So I try to think of as much stuff to ask him about to try and forget about it, and to top it off I found he was not much of a talker. 1 hour later just to make things more awkward the waitress comes over and asks if my food was alright as most of it was still there. I passed it off as oh we've been talking so much I forgot about it, then she asks if she could heat it up for me and it's even more awkward. I tell her no thanks and IL get it to go. The guy apparently liked me enough to ask me out again and I said sure my be he's shy and I will pick the next place. He goes up to pay and leaves and I find out he only paid for his half. I dont rely on a guy paying full anyway unless it's a test of commitment. So I Paid And Later That Week He Tried To Get Together For Our next date.
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