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Right Now Update


On Friday, we asked you to tell us about the drama in your life. We heard from Lauren, who came home to find her mom kissing a man…that man was not Lauren’s Dad! We talked to her and find out if she confronted her mom...

She did ask her mom about what she saw. Lauren's mom explained that she and her dad have an open relationship! Turns out they met when they were young and they're not that attracted to each other. Lauren found out that her parents are swingers! They have been her whole life. She wants to emancipate herself from her parents. She can't believe that they would keep this from her for her whole life...

If it turned out that Slacker's parents were swinger's, he would call them out on it and make them explain it and prove it!

Two things, what advice do you have for Lauren and what things do you wish you could "Unsee"? 

I grew up in Florida, so I'm full of things I would prefer to "Un-See"! I came home from school one day and a tree had fallen on the roof. When I went into the house my dad was still the middle of the day. Then I noticed someone was in the bathroom. A women that worked for my dad was in the shower and my dad tried to cover his tracks, but the damage was done. It took my dad, who was a drywall contractor, at least six months to get the hole in the ceiling fixed. Probably because he didn't want to ask the guys who work for him to fix it. While he was doing the girlfriend, they were out earning him money! Life Lesson? I think not!

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff!  - Ray the Intern

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11/12/2012 3:48PM
Right Now Update
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