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Re-Gifting Etiquette


Steve brought in an Apple TV today to give to a co-worker that has been wanting to get one. Steve had one that he wasn't using and thought it would be nice. Only problem is that he gave it to him in front of Slacker. Slacker reminded him that the TV was the gift that he had given to
Steve last Christmas. UH-OH!

Slacker says that it is the most massive breach of etiquette ever. Slacker has a problem he loves Apple. He loves Apple TV. He bought Lil d and Steve both Apple TVs for Christmas last year. 20 minutes later Lil D was sending screen shots of how awesome it is. Steve did not even hook it up. Fast forward 11 months it goes down like a drug deal. The worst part was watching someone being grateful to Steve for something that he had bought for Steve.

Steve claims that he is the victim here. He had been waiting for Slacker to come set it all up for him. Steve misunderstood he thought the co-worker had cleared it with Slacker that he give him the TV. Steve tried to make it go away by saying that he would buy another one so that he could hook it up for him.

Is it okay to re-gift? When is it okay? What is the proper re-gifting etiquette?

I think it is ok to re-gift if you are not going to use it and someone else will. I think you should spare the original gifter’s feelings since it is the thought that counts. Don’t let them know outright that you don’t like their gift and give it to someone that doesn’t know them so they are none the wiser. I used to get Christmas gifts from people at work. They were always perfumes or lotions. I am allergic to all perfumes and perfumed lotions. I gave them to friends or family that would actually use them. I was grateful that they had thought of me.


(Photo Courtesy of Flickr)

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11/21/2013 6:24PM
Re-Gifting Etiquette
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